Track Unused Tickets

Too often unused e-tickets go to waste, losing up to 20% of total travel spend.

Track unused tickets

  • Regain lost assets with e-ticket tracking
  • Maximize utilization of unused airline tickets to increase corporate cost savings
  • Collect data on unused e-tickets regardless if generated through online booking tool or travel agency
  • Reduce spoilage of unused e-tickets that have residual value with streamline storage of data
  • Monitor unused e-ticket segments status until refunded, used or exchanged

+1 Million Electronic Tickets Tracked

How does your current system notify travelers?

Notify Travelers

  • Maximize savings without compromising the traveler experience
  • Increase traveler or budget owner awareness with proactive email notifications

Supports across multi GDS and multi TMCs

Supports online and offline booking

Would you like to document savings derived from implementing a robust pre-trip approval system?

Enterprise-wide Reporting

Web-based Reporting

Stay informed with secure web-based reporting

Automated Reporting

Schedule automated reporting

View All Data

View all ticket, unused ticket or unused segment data