As your employees go back to the office and resume corporate travel, it is critical for organizations to prioritize their business travelers’ safety.  They must find new ways to mitigate risk and control travel spend in the post-Coronavirus era.

It is also important that organizations effectively communicate changing travel policy to those affected in a quick and efficient way.   Once your company defines what “permissible travel” looks like, an automated pre-trip authorization platform can help you manage essential business travel.

Business Trip Reason

Business MeetingOne of the most important factors in determining whether a business trip should be approved or declined its purpose. Trondent’s pre-trip authorization platform, Authorizer AI, has the capability to create different trip  workflows based on a variety of trip purposes.  Trondent cross references the trip’s reason and all other PNR details against your company’s travel policy and permissible purposes.  If it meets your company’s requirements, the trip is automatically approved without any manual oversight or time spent.

If the purpose for the trip isn’t quite essential,  the approving manager would receive an email  that contains the trip details, including its reason and any other out-of-policy selections.  By giving the approver all of this information, they are able to make a quick, well-informed decision on whether the business reservation should get ticketed.  The Approve or Decline button is conveniently embedded directly in the approver’s email message so they can make their decision right from their email without logging in to any system or platform.

Risk Management Data

This is crucial.  Trondent can integrate with your Risk Management provider (or work with one of our risk management partners) to include risk management data like country, security and health ratings, COVID-19 data or open border information into your pre-trip approval process. This way, your travelers and managing approvers stay on top of the latest developments occuring at their destination and layover countries. Potential issues are identified before the trip is ticketed.

Traveler Consent/Attestation Form

Corporations concerned about travelers’ risk and well-being may wish to obtain written traveler consent as part of the trip approval process. This would serve as confirmation that the traveler is comfortable traveling, Business Travelerand well enough to do so, while also helping mitigate overall corporate risk.

The itinerary would be sent to the traveler for consent before it gets forwarded to the appropriate approvers. Links to your current travel policy and requirements are embedded into the email to assure that the traveler can familiarize themselves and comply with it.

Calculated Travel RiskCalculated Travel Risk Score

Our Artificial Intelligence-driven engine calculates a “risk score” for each trip request based on your company-defined criteria and risk factors.  It can be utilized in both automated and manual trip approval processes.  This score indicates a veritable “pain-threshold” of potential risk associated with a business trip based on where it’s going and any threat variables associated with it.

Minimize Financial RiskFinancial Risk

While expense platforms report unnecessary and excessive spend data after the fact, Authorizer AI helps you identify such spend before it occurs. This way, you can catch excessive spending before the trip is ticketed and recoup loss that would otherwise be incurred by company. These trip requests are forwarded for manual review by the appropriate, managing approver.

Given all of these reasons, we encourage you to let Trondent help strengthen your travel program with our advanced pre-trip authorization solution.  Contact Trondent today to learn more.