Consolidate Group Booking Details

Easily manage group travel with an automated arrival and departure manifest solution.

Facilitate the handling of group travel with an arrival and departure manifest system

  • Capture all online and offline group reservation data
  • No need to rekey group reservation details
  • Identify new reservations and changes easily
  • Easily capture arrival, departure, hotel and cost details
  • Manage room blocks

Are you rekeying group data into spreadsheets to manage group details?

Consolidate Data

  • Consolidate data across multiple GDS’
  • Streamline ground transportation activity in a centralized location
  • Alert group trip director of all reservation cancellations and changes

Supports across multi GDS and multi TMCs

Supports online and offline booking

+4 Million Group Records Annually

Robust Reporting

Run reports from any location

Secure web-based access to reports from any location

Easily identify changes to the manifest

Generate reports based on “status change”, date range and/or ticketing detail

All group data resides in one reporting system

No need to juggle multiple systems to verify up-to-date group details