AirWEB Express

Travel documents look different when they are created in different ways. For example, your travelers may book reservations online or through a travel agent. They may use a different GDS or travel management company.

This leads to inconsistent documentation across the board. Choose AirWEB Express to streamline itinierary delivery in a consistent way.

Enhanced company branding

  • Create custom tailored itinerary and invoice layouts 
  • Access travel documents via a custom URL, emailed PDF or private labeled mobile app 
  • Offer same consistency  with online and offline bookings across GDS’ and TMC’s 
  • All booking and accounting detail presented in easy to read format 

Is your current itinerary delivery process inconsistent?

Secure and Consistent Travel Documentation

500 + PNR data elements can be displayed


Capture and keep travelers informed of itinerary changes

Itineraries and Invoices are archived for 90 days

Does your itinerary solution enhance your brand with custom URL’s, color schemes and logos?

Organize Trip Details in One Place

  • Click to check in for flights 
  • Easily obtain carrier specific baggage policy 
  • Real time flight monitoring for flight status, concourse and gate information 
  • Optional “TravelGuide” contains destination specific information customizable to traveler preference

Supports across multi GDS and multi TMCs

Supports online and offline booking